Updated six-screen workstation packs 192 cores, 384 threads, and 3TB of DDR5

In brief: Remember Mediaworkstations’ a-X2P luggable PC from a few years ago? It was already an incredibly powerful machine, but the company has given it an upgrade, adding not one but two AMD Epyc (Genoa) 9654 pro processors offering a total of 192 cores and 384 threads, along with up to 3TB of DDR5 memory. You can also opt for a model with six screens.

The original a-X2P workstation from 2020 could be specced with AMD’s 64-core 128-thread 3990X Threadripper, Nvidia’s 32GB Tesla V100 GPU, 64GB RAM, 4TB SSD, and 28TB of SATA storage. It also weighed 23 pounds in its base configuration. While the updated model sticks with the same design, the hardware has been given a refresh.

Possibly the most significant update is the CPU; Mediaworkstations has skipped a generation and gone straight to the Zen 4-powered Epyc 9004 (Genoa) processors. It can be specced with two AMD Epyc 9654 CPUs for those who want 192 cores and 384 threads. They can be paired with up to 3TB of DDR5 memory (12 x 256GB memory modules) on the Gigabyte MZ73 e-ATX dual-socket SP5 motherboard, though the mobo can support double that amount.

Elsewhere, buyers can add up to two full-size graphics cards or accelerators. The a-X2P features an Aspeed AST2600 management controller, an M.2 NVMe boot SSD (PCIe 4.0), one SlimSAS 4i connector with four SATA III ports, and two SlimSAS 8i connectors with four PCIe 4.0 or 16 SATA III ports. On the rear, you get two high-speed 10 Gb/s Base-T LAN ports from the Broadcom BCM57416, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, one VGA port, one COM port, and one MLAN port. No wireless connectivity options, sadly

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The most interesting part of the a-X2P is that it can be specced with six 24-inch monitors reaching 4K and 1,000 nits brightness. Picking this option pushes the workstation’s already hefty weight of 45 pounds to 55 pounds.

There’s no official price for the a-X2P – businesses have to contact Mediaworkstations to discuss how much they’ll be paying – but with just one Epyc 9654 priced at $11,805, expect to hand over a small fortune for the top-specced model.

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