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No matter your hair type, everyone can struggle with thinning hair. As someone with afro-textured hair, the first time I straightened it, I expected it to look as thick and full as it did in its natural curls. Reader, it did not. Since then, I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade to get naturally fuller, thicker hair. From extensions to hair thickening serums to rice water treatments and more, I’ve tried it all. But to truly understand the science behind hair volume and density, I sought expert guidance to help me find the best hair thickening products.

I spoke with Devin Graciano, hair stylist and Head of Product Development at Goldie Locks. Graciano enlightened me about the difference between hair density and hair thickness. Density is the number of strands on your head, while thickness is the width of each strand. Collectively, both create the appearance of your hair volume. So, to achieve thicker hair, it’s key to understand your hair type, as well as what’s causing your hair’s thinness.

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How to Get Thicker Hair, According to an Expert

Thick or thin strands are the gift of genetics. For naturally thinner hair, giving your hair the nourishment it needs—both inside and out—keeps it healthy and full. If your hair is losing its density, this could be a sign of a few different things. As we get older, slower hair growth is normal and might result in thinning. Some people also experience hair loss from stress, childbirth, or nutritional deficiencies, as well as genetic conditions like alopecia. Or you could just be suffering from a clogged scalp—in which case, add a scalp scrub to your routine to boost circulation. Soon, you should start seeing a fuller head of hair in the mirror.

As we get older, slower hair growth is normal and might result in thinning. Some people also experience hair loss from stress, childbirth, or nutritional deficiencies, as well as genetic conditions like alopecia.

With all these contributing factors to hair loss or thinning, many of us will likely ask ourselves: can you fake it until you make it? When it comes to creating texture and volume, you’re in luck. Read on for Graciano’s insights on the best hair thickening products to give your tresses a more voluminous look.

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Is there anything proven to thicken hair? 

There have been countless studies made when it comes to thickening hair from hair density (how many hairs on the head) to thickening each strand of hair temporarily. There are DIY methods as well as some promising ingredients to look for when you’re on the hunt for thicker hair.

Ingredients That Can Help Thicken Hair

Ingredients that show a great improvement in hair thickness include:

  • Saw palmetto
  • Rosemary
  • Scutellaria baicalensis
  • Soy
  • Wheat

To increase hair density, you will need to look internally as well as externally to ensure you are addressing anything that could be disrupting your hair growth. Our hair is made up of sulfur, iron, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen so it’s important that we are taking in these minerals that will support new hair growth.

If you are lacking these minerals and are suffering from other ailments like inflammation, poor diet, sleep, and hydration, your hair will reflect that.

Do thickening products damage hair? 

I cannot speak for all brands and all ingredients in existence on this one, but generally speaking, no. Hair thickeners generally consist of either hair fibers that attach to the hair or water-soluble polymers that don’t have the ability to overtake your hair’s overall integrity. 

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How long does it take for a hair thickener to work? 

When you are working with preparation or styling products, they usually carry active ingredients that will either attach themselves to the hair creating a film over each strand, or hair thickeners with ingredients similar to hydroxyethylcellulose which only needs a few minutes before it starts working on the hair to help plump each strand. 

When looking within from a supplement standpoint, you will want to prepare yourself for a full hair growth cycle (approx. three months) before you start seeing impactful results.

Daily Routines That Can Help Prevent Thinning

Taking a balanced supplement like Goldie Locks Supplements is a great daily routine to help prevent hair from thinning and encourages new hair growth and faster growth overall.

Ensuring that you are maintaining a balanced diet while staying hydrated will really show a difference. In addition to this, managing stress. People often underestimate the negative effects stress takes on our bodies which directly impact hair thinning.

For thickness in hair strands, a method that has been shown to help is a simple scalp massage. Four minutes daily will help increase blood circulation and exercise the tissue along the scalp that has been shown to thicken the hair.

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