Exploring the Life of Kenn Whitaker, the Brother of Forest Whitaker

Kenn Whitaker is a name that may not be as recognizable as his famous brother, Forest Whitaker, but he has made his mark in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and writer. Born and raised in Longview, Texas, Kenn has had a long and diverse career, spanning over three decades.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the life of Kenn Whitaker, his career in the entertainment industry, and some interesting facts about him.

Early Life and Family

Kenn Whitaker was born on June 8, 1963, in Longview, Texas. He is the younger brother of Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker. Kenn grew up in a large family with four siblings and was raised in a Christian household. Their father, Forest Whitaker Sr., was an insurance salesman, and their mother, Laura Francis Smith, was a special education teacher.

Kenn and Forest were close growing up, and they often shared their love for movies and acting. In fact, it was Kenn who initially sparked Forest’s interest in acting when he brought him to a local theater production in Texas.

Career Beginnings

Kenn Whitaker began his acting career in the late 1980s with small roles in films such as “Dead Presidents” and “Most Wanted.” He later went on to star in the films “The Walking Dead” and “Life,” and he also had a recurring role in the hit television series “The Client.”

In addition to his acting career, Kenn has also worked as a producer and writer. He wrote, produced, and starred in the 2000 film “The Color of Love,” which earned him critical acclaim. He also produced the 2009 film “King of the Avenue,” which starred his brother, Forest.

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Career Highlights

One of Kenn Whitaker’s most memorable roles was in the 1998 film “Body Count,” in which he starred alongside David Caruso and John Leguizamo. He played the character of Pike, a member of a gang that becomes involved in a series of violent crimes.

Another notable role was in the 2006 film “The Last King of Scotland,” which starred his brother, Forest, in the lead role of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. Kenn had a small but pivotal role in the film as a doctor who helps Amin cover up his crimes.

In recent years, Kenn has shifted his focus to producing and writing. He has worked on several projects with his brother, Forest, including the film “Repentance” and the television series “Godfather of Harlem.” He is also currently working on a screenplay for a film based on the life of jazz musician Duke Ellington.


Q: How old is Kenn Whitaker?

A: Kenn Whitaker was born on June 8, 1963, which makes him 58 years old as of 2021.

Q: What is Kenn Whitaker’s relationship with his brother Forest?

A: Kenn and Forest Whitaker are very close and supportive of each other’s careers. They both share a love for acting and have collaborated on several projects over the years.

Q: What are some of Kenn Whitaker’s most famous roles?

A: Kenn Whitaker is known for his roles in films such as “Body Count,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Last King of Scotland.” He also had a recurring role in the television series “The Client.”

Q: What projects has Kenn Whitaker worked on with his brother, Forest?

A: Kenn and Forest Whitaker have worked together on several projects, including the film “Repentance” and the television series “Godfather of Harlem.”


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