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How These Robots Are Bringing 24/7 Automated Convenience Stores to Your Neighborhood


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There are more than 150,000 convenience stores in the U.S., making over $258 billion in combined sales every year. But what if there was a way to make these stores even more profitable?

That’s the question one founder is answering with a new company called VenHub.

Shahan Ohanessian — a logistics and technology innovator — founded VenHub to automate retail stores using state-of-the-art robotics. VenHub’s automation unlocks a new world of potential for the industry, including:

  • Potentially 5X higher profit margins
  • Seamless 24/7 operation
  • Can be set up in just seven days

With this sort of potential, it’s no surprise they’ve secured nearly 70 pre-orders representing more than $23M in potential revenue. And that’s just the start. VenHub plans to scale its automation across multiple industries, from pharmacies to storage lockers.

The best part? Anyone can invest in VenHub right now and join them on the ground floor. Here’s why you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

3 ways VenHub can make money.

The way VenHub works is simple: A customer orders through an app or at the touch screen, robotic arms inside the store grab the items, bag them, and the customer picks them up at a secure window. The stores can run 24/7, utilize solar power, and fit nearly anywhere.

Plus, the business model creates multiple revenue streams. VenHub earns money in three ways:

  1. Store sales
  2. Software subscription fees
  3. Licensing the technology to other brands

Not only will VenHub be able to sell its stores directly to entrepreneurs, but retail brands can pay to use VenHub’s technology to automate their stores.

It’s a winning idea, but the challenge is taking it from an idea to reality. And Ohanessian and his team are uniquely suited to doing just that.

Ohanessian previously served as the CEO of a successful logistics and technology company that delivered more than 100 million shipments with companies like Amazon, Uber Eats, UPS, and GrubHub. Under his leadership, the company generated $300+ million in revenue.

Now Ohanessian and the team are hitting the ground running with their first market opportunity.

VenHub is solving the biggest problems in the $258B convenience store industry.

Convenience stores are big businesses, but they are ripe for technological innovation. Customers want faster, quicker, and cheaper solutions, while business owners face headwinds from high real estate costs, staffing problems, and theft.

VenHub’s tech aims to checks every box.

Customers no longer have to hunt through aisles looking for products they want, only to find they’re out of stock. They can order ahead and pick up their products in under 2 minutes. Even better, customers skip crowds, don’t have to wait in lines, and enjoy an entirely touchless process.

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Business owners certainly like the idea of happier customers who will seek out their stores, but VenHub offers even more benefits for store owners.

How VenHub compares to brick-and-mortar retailers.

Retail businesses lose $100 billion each year to theft and loss. A fully automated store eliminates the theft risk, so store owners no longer have to budget for loss.

Plus, VenHub can slash costs across the board. With a small footprint and the flexibility to fit nearly anywhere, store owners can fight back against the rising cost of real estate.

Even better, with 24/7 automation, store owners no longer need to worry about staffing problems, like worker shortages or finding reliable night shift employees.

Here’s how VenHub stacks up against a traditional brick-and-mortar store:

  • Costs 76% less to build
  • Can fit 1.5X more inventory
  • Takes up 1/10th the space

In today’s climate — where real estate costs are soaring and businesses are looking for more flexibility — VenHub delivers. In fact, VenHub’s technology has the potential to 5X profit margins for business owners.

VenHub can automate anything from pharmacies to live event vendors.

VenHub’s flexibility and mobility unlock even more expansion opportunities. Businesses and entrepreneurs can put a VenHub store in a parking lot, near EV charging stations, and quickly move the location based on demand.

And while VenHub is targeting convenience stores first, the potential to expand into more verticals creates an even bigger opportunity for their investors.

Essentially any brick-and-mortar retail business can benefit from the cost savings and flexibility VenHub’s automation offers. That includes businesses like pharmacies, hardware stores, pet supply stores, and even mall retailers.

Plus, VenHub’s technology isn’t limited to retail. VenHub’s mobility means it can be used for live events, from concerts to weddings. And the technology can also be used for other verticals, like storage lockers.

The best part? Investors like you can help VenHub scale up to meet demand across these industries.

How to invest In VenHub.

Startup investing can be a great opportunity on its own. Until recently, this market has been closed to everyday investors and limited to institutional investors or venture capitalists. But for a limited time, VenHub is opening up the opportunity to invest for our readers.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or trying to invest in new technologies, this is your opportunity to invest in a company led by an experienced team using robotic automation to disrupt a massive market. And you’ll be joining them on the ground floor.

Learn more about the limited-time opportunity to invest in VenHub here.

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