10 Holiday Observances in the Month of March


For many people, the end of the year is the most fun. There are so many activities, events, and holidays to attend that time can seem to vanish. But the bleak winter weather and post-holiday blitz can leave many feeling lethargic. However, people are good at keeping themselves busy and have come up with lots of little holidays and observances to keep their spirits alive throughout the year. Here are 10 of the best lesser-known holiday observances in the month of March.

1. Plan A Solo Vacation Day – March 1

A vacation is supposed to be a time when you can get away from it all and relax. But, for many, taking a vacation with others can actually end up being more work. Matching up schedules, balancing interests, and going through the motions of travel with someone else can be exhausting.

If you need a break from your usual breaks, then Plan a Solo Vacation Day — March 1 has you covered. Take some time to plan your time for when you know — you’ll really need it. Traveling with friends can be great, but sometimes sipping margaritas on the beach is better done alone.

2. Share A Smile Day – March 1

It’s no secret that winter can be a real drag. Cloudy skies, cold weather, and annoying colds that won’t go away often put a damper on many people’s lives. During hard times, human warmth can go a long way.

There’s been plenty of research over the years that shows smiling and laughing release endorphins, or feel-good hormones, in the brain. So even if you don’t feel like it, take some time on the first of March to crack a smile. You might be surprised how much something so little helps. Then go out in the world and share it with others who need it just as much.

3. National Black Women In Jazz and the Arts Day — March 1

Jazz might not be as prevalent as it was back in the day, but there’s no denying its echoing cultural influence. You may have heard of famous names like John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, and Miles Davis. But, as they are in many other areas of life, there have been many black women who have made incredible strides in the world of jazz.

Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, and Mary Lou Williams are just a few of the incredible black singers and musicians who have graced jazz with their touch of genius. Of course, women of color have made strides in all sorts of different arts. There’s never been a better time than the first of March to make a reservation at a live performance to celebrate the rich contributions black women have made to jazz and the arts at large.

4. National Read Across America Day— March 2

Many people have a book they’ve been leaving on the literal or, in the case of e-readers, proverbial shelf for a while now. Life gets in the way, and the pages of your would-be literary experience are left to collect dust. Well, the second of March offers you the perfect time to stop putting that book off and finally read.

A great way to get yourself to actually sit down and read is to do so with someone! See if anyone else in your social group has been meaning to read for a while now. Chances are you’ll be able to find a reading buddy to save the date with.

5. National Day of Unplugging — March 3

These days, technology is better than ever at trapping your attention in the digital world. And too much screen time can cause trouble sleeping, mood changes, and even alter the structure of your brain. Now, to be clear, being online and using screens aren’t inherently detrimental. But if left unchecked, the negative consequences of being online too often can accumulate quickly.

As screens become increasingly integrated into everyday life, it’s increasingly important to be conscientious of your digital health. That’s why many people choose to take the third of March off from screens, a decision called “unplugging” or a “digital detox.” Doing so can help reset the dopamine levels in your brain among numerous other benefits. If you constantly find yourself on your phone at 3 a.m., consider taking the third off from screens.

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6. National Dentist’s Day — March 6

Many people don’t think much about the health of their teeth until there’s a problem. Everything’s fine until you suddenly can’t drink cold water or eat sugar without wincing. And, even then, just like checking their credit card statements, many people are hesitant to visit their dentist.

Rather than push off your dental checkup another year, schedule an appointment with your dentist and add it to your calendar for the sixth of march. You’ll have some solace knowing that you’re not the only one flossing your bleeding gums for the first time in a year. And your mouth will thank you for taking care of it in the long run.

7. National Write Your Story Day — March 14

Most people go through their life without writing any of it down. And it likely won’t until you’re older, when you might not be able to recollect details clearly, that you wish you could remember more. No matter who you are, you have a story to tell. And yours might be more interesting than you might realize.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to write it all down but you just haven’t found the time. Well, rather than let your life slip by you by saying “maybe someday,” make the time. The fourteenth of March is the perfect day to do so. You and others around the country will be capturing precious memories for themselves and their family long after they’re gone.

8. Pi Day — March 14

Why Pi? Pi is the radius of a circle’s diameter to its circumference. Pie is a scrumptious pastry dish that, from a bird’s eye view, takes the shape of a circle. Sounds like a good enough reason for a holiday, doesn’t it?

On the delicious day of March 14, math and pie lovers alike celebrate with sweets. A quick Duck Duck Go search reveals the yummy creations people make to mark the occasion. It’s also a good, fun excuse to gather with family and friends. Can you guess why Pi Day takes place on March 14? (Hint: write out the date!)

9. World Poetry Day — March 21

Fast-forward a bit and it’s almost the end of March. But don’t worry — there’s plenty of fun still to be had! Perhaps it’s because the Equinox was just the day before, but on the 21 of March, many people are feeling the poetic spirit alive within them.

Someone once said that poetry has the ability to increase beauty in the world. What that might mean is up for debate, but it’s clear that poetry has touched the souls of millions across time. If you’ve been keeping a poem brewing inside you, today is the day to finally write it out! On Poetry Day, you’ll find events at libraries and other public gathering places worldwide.

10. World Piano Day — March 29

Continuing the worldwide celebration of creative pursuits, March 29 is World Piano Day! The piano began as an Italian creation at the dawn of the 18th century. But it has since been woven into the fabric of musicianship in nations worldwide. The piano is a beloved creation that, surprisingly, is relatively new in the scope of human history despite how ingrained it is into global culture.

Many musicians and appreciators worldwide create new music, compositions, and playlists to celebrate World Piano Day. There are also an incredible amount of performances scheduled already — it’s the perfect reason to go out and see live music. You can visit the Piano Day website to see what’s brewing for this year. Perhaps you can even add some new tracks to your own personal playlist.

“Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.” – Nils Frahm

Celebrate Throughout March

One of the most beautiful qualities of the human spirit is its resilience in times of darkness. So although the world can often feel dreary at the end of winter, there are many reasons to celebrate. Some are silly, and some are surprisingly moving, but sometimes all you need is a simple reason to gather with loved ones and enjoy life. There are bigger, more known events in March as well, like Purim, Holi, and the Spring Equinox. But March, and every month for that matter, is packed with fun, inventive holidays to keep your spirit feeling alive.

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